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Welcome to my Gemstone IV site. I have been playing GS3 since 1995. My main character is a Dwarven sorcerer who isn't known for his manners or tact. Virilneus is very old and ugly with a big nose and unruly silver hair. He is also rather boisterous and favors purple and gold over the black that so many of his colleagues wear.

Above all what matters most to Virilneus is the magic, the source, his life blood. Magical gifts are rare in a dwarf but the power runs rampant through Virilneus' veins. He would do anything for the magic, and so quite appropriately he is a devout worshipper of Fash'lo'nae. Many people mistake Fash'lo'nae for an evil god, this is not so. Fash'lo'nae is not an evil god, but rather an indifferent god. Like Virilneus he values the magic above all else and will stop at nothing to get it. Fast'lo'nae does not involve himself with the plottings of the other Lornon gods, he cares as little for the other Lornon gods as he does for those of Liabo. He spends his time in the pursuit of magic, and little else.